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We meet opposite Zenergy Yoga,  Birmingham Rd, Bromsgrove B61 0DD. every Sunday; in June July & August we met at 9am; the rest of year 9.30am. Expect to leave 10 minutes after the meet time

The club run is not a training bash, although rides can be quite challenging & often in hilly terrain, so suitable gearing is advisable.

Bike/equipment should be in mechanically & safe working order, with special attention to tyres, brakes & chain.

Expect rides to cover 25 – 35 miles to the cafe stop, then a choice of a direct route home (about 15 – 20m), or a longer route with a total of maybe 55 – 70 miles, depending on season/weather. 

Expect average speed to be around 14 – 16 mph over the full distance, depending on weather & terrain.

The group will wait at junctions, & wait & help with mechanical problems or a puncture. The group do try to keep together; however, we often split on hills, & re-group straight after. It is, however, a good idea to carry a mobile with at least one members number saved in case we do lose you.

Expect to become isolated if you ride out of shouting distance ahead of the group route finder/leader.

Wear clothing suitable for the expected weather conditions; carry a rain jacket. It’s a good idea to look at or a local forecast before leaving home. 

Be considerate to other cyclists in your group by using mudguards when you know the roads will be wet; this will also mean we all arrive at a cafe in a reasonably clean state. Should a cyclist turn up on a wet/mucky day without mudguards, we think it reasonable to ask that they ride at the back of the group. 



Carry a drink & snack; it can be 2 hours between stops.


Carry spare inner tube, tyre levers & pump; also money for the cafe stop.


Obey the Highway Code; our public image is important to us, as is our safety. Please ride sensibly & be considerate to other members of the group & other road users. Remember that we are all ambassadors of our chosen club & our chosen sport.

When encountering horses, slow down, communicate with their riders, & pass when safe to do so.


When possible, signal to other riders any potholes, glass, lose gravel, street furniture/obstacles, parked cars, pedestrians.

Important: please understand that cycling clubs/groups cannot be held responsible for your safety; you are part of a group of individuals, each of whom accepts the inherent risks. It is recommended that you obtain Third Party insurance; both British Cycling & the Cycle Tourist Club have suitable policies at reasonable premiums.












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